Switch by Hannah Morse

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a (short) novella about Anne, who owns a MMA gym/BDSM club in modern day Seattle, and a vampire called William. Anne was William’s (secret) wife in another life, before she was murdered and he turned into a vampire. We learn about the back story in the prologue. When William shows up in Anne’s BDSM club one night, she begins remembering her former life. They get back together. The end.

The biggest issue for me was the complete lack of conflict. There is absolutely nothing standing in the way of Wiliam and Anne in this timeline. She is pretty much on board with the whole idea of William being a vampire and her having to become a vampire herself without any regrets (except maybe for not tasting her favorite foods anymore). The hunters, who are the only antagonists, are a complete joke. What’s the point of kidnapping Anne, if they are not prepared for William showing up to rescue her at all?

The story had a lot of potential, many things that could have been so cool. I also liked the prologue. It was probably the best developed part of the book. But overall, I was disappointed. It all felt dull and a bit rushed to me. The story didn’t take time to breathe or explore anything in depth. I still give it three stars because it was easy to read and I liked the characters and the premise.

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