When a job sounds too good to be true, there’s usually a catch…

An injury leaves MMA fighter Greg unable to continue his career. He is broke and miserable until his former coach recommends a job to him that sounds like a perfect match. The eccentric billionaire Veronica Chase is looking for a live-in personal trainer, and Greg seems to be the ideal candidate.

Visiting his potential new workplace for an interview, Greg senses the job description might have been incomplete, though. The entire staff consists of beautiful men – including a charming cook named Mario – who all seem devoted to Veronica and call her Mistress.

When a house tour reveals a fully equipped BDSM dungeon in the basement, Greg is left with a choice. Does he bail, or, with Mario at his side, does he dare to explore this world of pain and pleasure that has always been a secret part of him?

A kinky M/M romance in a reverse harem setting.

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